Image Engine

November 2016 to Novebmer 2019

Every project I had the privilege to animate on at Image Engine had something to geek out over. Working on Game of Thrones, Detective Pikachu and Lost in Space were all dreams come true. Kin, Logan and Carnival Row were each fun and challenging projects. 

Riders of Icarus Cinematic Trailer

Spring of 2016 at ICON creative studios

This was the most epic project I'd had the chance to work on so far, the scale of the scene and the length of the shot made for some unique technical challenges. We were given a lot of creative freedom, bringing the sequence from rough pre-vis blocking all the way through to the polished final product. Animating from a first person perspective was a lot of fun, and added a new dimension to planning out compositions

All Hail King Julien Netflix series

Summer of 2014 at Bardel Entertainment

Working on King Julien was a joy. Though the scedule didn't allow for much polish, the writing and voice acting was always notch and gave us a lot to work with.

Monsters Vs Aliens Netflix series

2013 at Bardel Entertainment

This was a blast to work on, I'm a huge geek for retro science fiction, and the writers laced every episode with dozens of obscure references. The quota wasn't too overwhelming so there was a bit of time for polish, and I especially enjoyed animating Dr Cockroach's dialogue.

League of Super Evil

2011 at Nerdcorps Entertainment

my first in-studio project, LOSE was an absolute blast to work on! Almost the entire team was fresh out of school, learning as we went on a tight budget. We were given huge amounts of creative freedom, and everyone poured their hearts into pushing the zany poses as far as we could get them